This hen is proving to be a real fantastic breeder she bred 2 winners in her first year breeding out of 4 young birds bred inc Roda who wins 1st sect 1,725 b 1st fed 3,531 b.Riso was bought for stock direct from Luc Van mechelen she is fantastic in the hand with great feathering she is a g/Daughter of Luc Van Mechelens No1 breeder the world famous "RODICA"



This cock is pure class he was bought for stock direct from Luc Van Mechelen.Rico handles fantastic real powerfull very broad at the front down to one pin tail.He is a g/son of the world famous "RODICA"


             "Mary Sue"

This hen is pure class she is a real super breeder she breeds winners every year inc multiple winners mary sue is dam to ace racer "FRAYA" 5x1sts champion young bird of the year 2016 in the cleethorpes fc 



         "PLAY GIRL"

This hen was bought for stock direct from curtis wall lunt  off there very best she has a great future and handles like a dream.




They dont come much better than this pigeon 3 x 1sts plus beat by loft mates for 1st feds dominator is a great racer but also he breeds winners every year and sometimes two winners in the same nest.

1st - 194 b

1st - 324 b

1st - 271 b

2nd - 1,215 b

2nd - 1,655 b

2nd - 3,746 b

3rd - 2,865 b

3rd - 2,138 b

5th - 162 b

15th - 4,833 b

15th - 1,221 b





This hen was one of my best youngsters in 2017 she was only beat by loft mate "QUEENIE"for champion young bird of the year.Olymiade girl as a great future for a real top racing hen.

1st - 234 b

2nd - 204 b

4th - 233 b

4th - 1,567 b

4th - 2,872 b

5th - 1,593 b

5th - 3,289 b

9th - 3,794 b

10th - 1,870 b

12th - 1,375 b

13th - 2,813 b



           "WILD BOY"

This cock was bought for stock for a large sum when it comes to herman cuesters this cock is the real deal he is a direct son of the No1 hermans breeder in the uk "WILD WIND" who is a full brother to EURO,the dam to wild boy is ace racer "EURO LADY"

Wild boy is sire to 2 winners in his very first nest also he is g/sire to 1st section 1st Open NEHU Futurity Race for Dean Ward.




This hen raced fantastic as a young bird in 2017 and won champion young bird 2017 in the cleethorpes Imperial fc she is a direct daughter of "RUEBEN" and "ISABEL"

1st - 187 b

2nd - 234 b

3rd - 232 b

4th - 263 b

4th - 204 b

5th - 1,992 b

7th - 1,593 b

7th - 3,289 b

7th - 143 b

10th - 4,170 b

13th - 1,375 b

14th - 1,748 b

14th - 3,063 b

14th - 2,813 b



             "MISS SPARK"

This hen was a real good racer she was beaten on many occations by loft mates for 1sts.Miss spark has bred many winners and sometimes breed two winners in the same nest,she has fantastic feather and handles like a dream both parents bred by Albert Derwa.

2nd - 200 b

2nd - 189 b

3rd - 251 b

4th - 1,308 b

5th - 3,301 b

5th - 1,452 b

6th - 2,889 b

7th - 194 b

8th - 1,215 b

9th - 2,865 b

10th - 269 b

11th - 2,006 b